Vegetable market on trains

If the South Western Railway (SWR) has its way, then the trains which will pass through Belgaum will have incorporated ‘vegetable markets’.

The plan has twin objectives preempting high decibel selling by hawkers who cause nuisance to passengers and at the same making vegetables available to passengers.

SWR General Manager Kuldeep Chaturvedi told Express that the Railways has a plan to establish a special ‘vegetable vendor compartment’ soon in trains moving through Belgaum.

The plan of the SWR stems out from several complaints that passengers face a lot of problems as vendors carry vegetables in train for selling.

Although passengers find the vendors a nuisance, it is a known fact that vegetables are sold briskly in moving trains as it helps passengers save time and avoid their transportation from market to railway station.

Chaturvedi also said that the Railways has no plans for a new railway route from Kolhapur to Dharwad via Nippani, Belgaum and Kittur (parallel to National Highway 4).

As the Railway is engaged in several other works, the proposal is not considered, he pointed out.