CR’s automatic cleaning system saves time, water

Merely four months after it started operations, the Automatic Coach Washing Plant at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) will have cleaned 75,000 coaches of Central Railway trains by Saturday.

V A Malegaonkar, chief public relations officer, CR, said, “The plant, which was installed in February 2010, uses less water, saves time and requires less manual labour to clean the coaches. Nearly 32-35 labourers were deployed to wash the coaches manually. After the plant was commissioned at a cost of Rs 2.19 crore, the same work can be executed with the help of just 4-5 people. The quality of work is also superior.” Malegaonkar added, “The cost of washing one rake by the automatic system is Rs 550. By the manual system, the railways have to shell out Rs 3,100 per rake.”

On an average, 10 rakes, or 200 coaches, are cleaned every day at LTT. The system also saves water as the technology consumes 10 per cent less water than the manual system. Malegaonkar said, “On an average, 3 lakh litres of water were used every day when the manual washing system was prevalent. However, the new technology does the same amount of work with 25,000 litres per day.” The automatic system is also less time-consuming. “Previously, labourers used to take an average of 45 minutes to clean each rake. With this system, we are able to finish the task in 8-10 minutes,” he said.

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