Rly meals to offer diet-conscious choices

Patients and the calorie-conscious train traveller need not worry any more. Indian Railways is planning to introduce a diet menu. The menu will offer unlimited options to those who prefer simple cooking and those whose diets are restricted by ailments.

This new addition to the menu comes after the railways introduced diabetic cuisine for its passengers from October. “The sugar-free diet has scored a huge hit among those who have been strictly instructed by their doctors to consume less calories. We hope diet food will solve the crisis for passengers with ailments and those who are wary of spicy food,” said a senior railway official.

In Rajdhani Express, the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has already introduced diet meals for dinner. The menu comprises moog dal combined with jeera rice, lauki tomato curry, rajma masala, curd and green salad. “The option is available. Any passenger can opt for a diet meal. The price is included in the ticket,” added the official.

The meal on mail trains will, however, have to be paid in addition. “We are yet to fix a price chart for the food items which will be available in the diet meal. The new menu was issued on December 3. We will introduce the new menu in phases and only selected items will be available on trains,” informed the official.

The menu offers an elaborate choice of juices and drinks — beetroot soup, tender coconut water, bittergourd soup and soy milk. In breakfast, the options are milk with cornflakes, boiled egg, vegetable dahlia, scrambled eggs with brown bread and boiled vegetables and fruit yogurt. “For lunch or dinner, the passengers can select from a variety of chicken and vegetable preparations. The menu offers lemon chicken breast with brown rice and tossed vegetables, atta roti, cucumber raita and dal. Depending on the condition of the patient, vegetable khichdi can also be served. Trains which have a pantry car attached to their trail of compartments can order some food to their specifications. The cooking can be customised according to requirements,” said the official.

“Patients who travel on Indian Railways can also carry their own diet chart. If permitted under the options available, items which dieticians have prescribed can also be served,” concluded the official.


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  1. Trains have a rich history of joining people within nations together. I enjoy traveling by train as it enables you to see the countryside. As a result I have become a big hobbiest in model trains. What fun to collect the various trains that guide the rich history of nations.

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