Golden Chariot train for Rs.50 lakh makeover

Karnataka’s luxury train, the Golden Chariot, which has been ranked among six best trains catering to tourism worldwide by Vanity Fair, a UK magazine, will soon have a new look. Having suffered wear and tear over the two years that it has been operating in the state, the train is being refurbished to give tourists no cause to complain about the luxurious interiors that they pay for as much as the journey. The train’s exterior design too is in for a change.

It’s operations have been called off until September 20 to allow the Karnataka State Development Corporation (KSTDC) and the railways to do everything possible to see that it lives up to its luxury tag.

“With the Golden Chariot having completed two successful years we thought it could do with a change of look and feel. We plan to overhaul the interiors of the train. From curtains to carpets everything will be changed,” says KSTDC managing director Vinay Luthra, adding that the corporation is working on the exterior design of the train as well and will soon come out with one.

The revamping of the train was timed to coincide with the off season, which begins with the onset of the monsoons. “We will not incur any loss as there are hardly any bookings this season,” Mr Luthra explains.

While the KSTDC is spending over Rs 50 lakh on the aesthetics of the train, the railways is funding the overhaul of its electrical system where necessary.

The Golden Chariot now runs on two routes. At the end of three weeks of travel in Karnataka, it journeys to Kerala and Tamil Nadu for a week opening up more options for tourists.

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