Railways likely to install automatic doors in trains

PATNA: The railways is mulling over a proposal to install automatic door closing system in all mail and express trains with an aim to prevent mishaps on running trains. The new system will be on the pattern of Metro train doors which have automatic door system from safety point of view.

According to a Railway Board official, the railway ministry has taken this proposal seriously. It would be more safe to introduce it in long-distance super fast trains to ensure foolproof safety to passengers. Besides, the new system would also curb criminal activities on running trains, he said.

The Board official told TOI that passenger trains which run at high speed in foreign countries, have the automatic door closing system in each bogie. Similarly, the Metro trains running in the country are provided with this kind of system from passengers’ safety point of view. Thus, this proposed system is likely to check mishaps and criminal activities as well on running trains, he said.

A technical expert of the railways admitted that the railways would have to replace all old model and conventional coaches across the country so that new coaches based on German technology could be manufactured providing automatic door closing system facility in each mail and express train. At a time when the railways has been planning to increase the speed limit of all super fast trains in future, it would be mandatory for the railways to ensure closure of doors of each coach before departure of trains from stations.

It is possible only when the railways prefers to switch over to new technology, he said. According to a recent survey carried out by the railways, it has come to light that most of mishaps or criminal activities have of late occurred at different places because doors of bogies were kept open during night too.

Several passengers had fallen down from running trains which caused their death on tracks. The railways has thus mooted a proposal to introduce this system as a giant step towards ensuring safety measures on running trains on the pattern of foreign railways, a Board official said.

According to sources, the railways has been paying adequate compensation in most of the cases to the families of victims who fell down from running trains. That apart, it has become almost a habit for passengers to remain standing at doors while undertaking journey by trains. Once the automatic door system is introduced, safety would automatically become foolproof for passengers, sources said, adding the railways will have to incur substantial expenditure for manufacturing automatic door coaches with the help of new technology.


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