Eco-friendly train launched in Gujarat

Bilimora (Gujarat), April 14 (ANI): To make train travel more environment-friendly, a bio diesel train has been launched in Bilimora city of Gujarat.

This is the first bio-diesel train in the western division of Indian Railways. It uses a blended fuel, a mix of 10 percent bio-diesel.

The Railway has already introduced several such trains in other divisions.

Officials claimed that this blended fuel would reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by a greater extent without affecting the engine.

On Wednesday, P.K. Sharma, Divisional Railway Manager, Mumbai Division, flagged off the train that will cover 51kilometers between Bilimora and Baghai.

“This train is environment-friendly as it runs on bio-diesel…the railway is also taking other steps to preserve environment like introduction of bio-degradable toilets and other measures to preserve environment. We are trying to explore all areas,” said P.K. Sharma.

Indian Railways, which has one of the largest networks of trains in the world, is also taking other measures to conserve environment.

Bio-diesel is a diesel-equivalent, processed fuel derived from biological sources i.e. vegetable oils, which can be used in unmodified diesel-engined vehicles. (ANI)

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