SECR provides 24 hr sanitary staff in moving trains

The South East Central Railways (SECR) have started a round-the-clock sanitary service in moving trains with a view to improve amenity facilities during travelling.

According to a spokesman of the SECR, contrary to the age old practice of clean up operation on arrival of trains at major stations, SECR would provide the round-the-clock sanitary service to passengers in the moving trains coming within its jurisdiction.

Besides one Supervisor for each train, there would be one sweeper for three reserved bodies, who would travel with the passengers and keep the train clean right from its originating station to its destination, the sources said. Initially, this service had been provided in five long-distance trains which include 8237/8238 Bilaspur-Amritsar-Bilaspur Express, 8233-8234 Bilaspur-Indore-Bilaspur Narmada Express, 8239/8240 Bilaspur-Nagpur-Bilaspur Shivnath Express, 2855-2856 Bilaspur-Nagpur Intercity Express, 2851-2852 Bilaspur-Chennai-Bilaspur Superfast Express and 2849-2850 Bilaspur-Pune-Bilaspur superfast Express trains, the spokesman said, adding that it would be extended to other trains in the Zone after a periodical review of its impact.

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