Booking tickets online soares by 135 %

Not only Aviation sector is becoming hi-tech but the Indian Railways are also progressing ahead by engaging modern technology. Nearly 75 per cent railway passengers living in Metropolitan cities and towns are using Internet facility to book railway tickets.
Going to railway station to fetch railway tickets and standing in long queues is now going to be a thing of past. In a period of just one-year number of people getting railway tickets booked online has increased by 135 per cent.

4.40 crore people got tickets booked online:
Those citizens who have access to computer at their home or at close distance they are getting railway tickets booked through Internet. While travellers who take assistance of authorised railway agents their percentage is 23 per cent. Online ticket booking is helping crores of people and it has become a profitable preposition for railways too. From April 2008 to March 2009 nearly 4.40 crore people got tickets booked through Internet. Last year this figure was mere 1.89 crore.

An officer of Railway Division informed that the practice of advance booking of tickets through Internet is now in vogue. E ticketing prevents selling of tickets in black. In a period of just one year number of people getting tickets booked online has soared by 135 per cent. Another advantage of this facility is that black-marketing of reserved tickets has stopped to a great extent. Owing to e-ticketing role of travel agents is getting eliminated and the ticket cannot be transferred to other person as under e-ticketing passenger has to keep ID proof with him while traveling. Now number of railway travellers has increased by 127 per cent. From April 2008 to March 2009, 7.98 crore travellers traveled in trains while last year this figure was only 3.51 crore. Due to this profit of railways has registered an increase of 129 per cent.

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