Smart vibration sensor to check rail accidents

Two researchers Alka Dubey and Ashish Verma from Sagar University
have claimed to have developed a smart vibration sensor with
wireless communication to check the required speed on the rail
track. This innovation would reduce accidents of trains.

A SMART vibration sensor with wireless communication for recording
and analysing train vibration has been developed in the country.

Alka Dubey and Ashish Verma of Sagar University brought this
innovation to light, while presenting their paper at the fourth
international Wireless Communication Sensor Networks concluded at
Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad (IIIT-A) on
Monday (Dec 29).

Dubey said that high speed trains are one of the most impressive
developments of the recent years having brought a new degree of
comfort for travelers. These trains posed serious accidents because
of the high level of vibration, which are generated. Therefore to
make the train speed smoother, a smart vibration sensor is
developed. It is a self sensation device equipped with recording and
wireless communication interface.

“One programmed microcontroller 89C52 is used, which records
vibration of trains with real time into memory. There are certain
limits of vibrations, which are acceptable by the railway track.
Beyond this limit the tracks may be damaged, resulting in major
causality,” she said.

“The sensor with microcontroller interface has been designed,
developed and tested at Sagar railway station for reliability of
electronics. The sensor can be accessed wirelessly from a personal
computer or laptop,” she informed.

This sensor is useful for recording the vibrations of trains with
respect to date and time by which investigation team can get the
appropriate reason of accident due to vibration. Smart vibration
sensor does not require wired communication. It can be communicated
with PC or laptop’s using wireless communication.

Railway is an enormous medium of transportation in India. The rate
of rail accidents is high. To decrease the rate of accidents it is
important to know the appropriate reason(s) of accidents. Vibration
induced by train is an important data for accident investigation
team. There are certain limits of vibration from 0 to 100 Hz, which
is acceptable for proper train movement. Beyond this limit accidents
might occur.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof M Radhakrishna said the conference
had achieved another milestone this year by receiving quality
research papers. Prof US Tiwari threw light on role of smart-dust
sensors in coming years.

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  1. it will be a great achievement regarding safe travel by indian railways.

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